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CITYTHON is a creative, interactive process, where a group of experts and students in urban planning, sociology, engineering, data science and business creation work together to foster innovation in our cities.

Previous Citython editions in 2018 and 2019 have been an opportunity for citizens, students and experts to dream up original ideas and unconventional solutions to tackle city challenges.

This year 2020, appart from the first edition in Barcelona at the beginnig of July, the Citython event will extend its frontiers to Lublin by the end of September and Amsterdam by the end of October, where different urban mobility challenges will be proposed.

This new Citython edition offers the opportunity for more European cities to participate thanks to the organisation of CARNET, the support of EIT Urban Mobility, and the collaboration of CIT-UPC, the UPC, Barcelona Institute of Technology for Habitat, the city of Amsterdam and the city of Lublin.

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